Gelec are the sole UK agent for Shenzhen RunPeng Precision Hardware Co. Ltd. Founded in 2002, RunPeng specialises in the bespoke manufacture of Zinc & Aluminium Alloy Die-Casting, Sheet Metal Stamping & Forming, Welding, CNC Machining, Aluminium extrusion & Powdered Metallurgy (Sintering).

High Pressure Die Casting
150Tonne to 800Tonne Machines

Sheet Metal Stamping – 15Tonne to 160Tonne Machines
CNC Machining – Milling/Turning/Drilling/Tapping
Laser Profiling
CNC Punching
CNC Forming
TIG/MIG Welding
Spot Welding
Powder Metallurgy

Anodising – Clear/Coloured
Zinc Plating
Chromate Conversion – Alocrom 1000/1200
Tin/Nickel Plating
Other Electroplating
Powder Coating
Straight Graining
Sand/Bead Blasting
Electrophoretic Coating

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Metal Fabrications

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