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Rapid Prototyping

Durable working models that can be snapped, screwed and fitted together!

The Rapid Prototype Machine can provide engineers and designers with robust, functional models with fine detail, directly from the CAD files supplied to us. Ensuring a fast, efficient and cost effective way to catch design flaws early in the production process.

This results in fewer design changes, better product designs, lower production costs and a shorter time scale for our customers to get their product to market. The machine uses a new type of material called ABS plus, which is known to be 40% tougher and stronger than materials previously available, allowing you to fully test your working model.

The maximum build size for models is 768, equal to 203 x 203 x 305 mm, with layer thickness of either 0.178 mm or 0.254 mm. Models can now be produced in 9 different colours, including: natural, white, black, dark grey, red, olive green, blue, fluorescent yellow and nectarine.

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