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Call Us: (0)20 8855 0991  Email: info@gelec.co.uk

UK Warehousing:

  • Lead times from order placement to UK delivery 12 weeks
  • UK deliveries available within 24-48 hours, whilst pan-European deliveries within 1 week
  • Parts can be scheduled/called off over a maximum 12 month period from arrival of stock at Gelec UK
  • Supply & Buffer Agreements available to enable straight-forward and effective Stock Management

Hong Kong Warehousing:

  • Lead times from order placement to arrival at HK Warehouse 8 weeks
  • FCA Hong Kong delivery terms as standard, ensuring flexibility over delivery quantities and frequency
  • Deliveries can be made to HK Freight Forwarders to allow customers to consolidate shipments to Global Manufacturing Locations
  • Can ship from a central pool of stock, giving customers the freedom to split demand across multiple CEM’s

Please contact us if you require more information.